An interesting kind of ink! - Minuteman Press

Cephalopod ink or most commonly known squid ink has had many uses, both in the print industry as well as in the culinary industry.

This is the darl cloudy liquid that cephalopods release as a defense when threatened.  It is very black and a small amount will suffice, like many inks, to stain.

The printing term “sepia ink” comes from the cuttlefish genus Latin name. Squid ink was once the source of the dark  pigment in early inks. The ink’s blackness comes from melanin which is an organic pigment found in plants and animals…

The best way to use squid ink these days would be in a recipe! You can use it to spice and condiment pasta, rice, risotto, or squids in their sauce…

The taste is merely salty and does not have a strong fish flavour.

Click here for a black rice recipe.

Enjoy this new kind of ink!


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