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What is a Print Ready File?

Print-Ready is a term we use which means the submitted print file meets certain criteria for print; before you send your document to your printer, make sure your file meets the following criteria:

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  • Convert all RGB images into CMYK colour.
  • File is in proper format (ai, eps, High-Resolution jpg, pdf, psd, tif).
  • Make sure all fonts are converted to outlines and file are flattened and rasterized.
  • Check if final image has enough resolution (300 dpi minimum at 100% size including bleeds).
  • Contains only high-resolution image data
  • Has links to placed graphics and images
  • Includes all fonts
  • Check if all text pages have enough bleed at least 1/8″ larger than the trim size.
  • Text and images not intended to be cut must be within the safe area, this is 1/8″ inwards from the trim size.
  • Included are trim/crop marks, centre marks, and page info.
  • Includes paper size with indications for bleeds and page marking
  • Does not require any additional modifications or tweaks before being sent to the printer